Audio files for The Podcaster's Audio Handbook

Chapter 7: Recording Remotely

Audio 7-1 Recording with Zoom

Audio 7-2 Recording with Zencastr

Audio 7-3 Recording remotely using the inbuilt speakers and microphone of a laptop in a noisy cafe

Audio 7-4 Calling a smartphone from Skype


Chapter 8: Editing

Audio 8-1 The loudness of program material compared to
an advertisement

Audio 8-2 Matching the loudness between program material and advertisement


Chapter 9: Music, Atmos and Sound Effects

Audio 9-1 Lovers in space

Audio 9-2 Lovers in space – Liftoff

Audio 9-3 Lovers in space – A touching drama

Audio 9-4 How your podcast might sound when played through the speakers of a smartphone in a noisy environment