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Audio files for The Podcaster's Audio Handbook

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Gear Part 2 - Microphones

Audio 3-1 Recording made with Presonus Studio 24c and Sennheiser e945 at my home

Audio 3-2 Recording made with Zoom H5 and Sennheiser e945 at a construction site

Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Chapter 4: Getting A Good Take

Audio 4-1 Performing a sound check

Audio 4-2 Sibilance

Audio 4-3 Plosives

Audio 4-4 On-mic and off-mic

Audio 4-5 Peaking

Chapter 5: Recording Inside

Audio 5-1 Recording in my toilet

Audio 5-2 Recording in my closet

Audio 5-3 Recording in my living room

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