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Transducer Audio is the brainchild of podcast producer and audio engineer Corey Marie Green.


Corey started their audio journey in community radio at Brisbane's 4ZZZ. They had previously been involved in political campaigning so quickly realised the power of audio storytelling. They took on numerous roles as a broadcaster and journalist covering such issues as the environment and women's rights.

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Long before they'd heard the term 'podcast' they were publishing audio on the internet as a way to reach a wider audience and link in with online communities. While they are still involved in community radio, they have enthusiastically welcomed the evolution of podcasting into a distinct art form.

Always keen to learn, they took on the challenge of becoming an audio engineer. This additional set of skills has opened up exciting new possibilities for their audio storytelling practice.

In 2021 they compiled their experience into The Podcaster's Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People which is available through Apress.

Corey is driven by a passion for telling stories, building community and making audio accessible.

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