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Audio files for The Podcaster's Audio Handbook


Audio 0-1 How your podcast might sound when played through the speakers of a smartphone in a noisy environment

Chapter 2
Chapter 1

Chapter 1: File Formats and Settings

Audio 1-1 Using Stereo to Create a Sense of Movement

Audio 1-2 Using Stereo to Create a Sense of Physical Space

Audio 1-3 The Same File in Mono Lacks a Sense of Physical Space

Chapter 2: Gear Part 1

Audio 2-1 Recording made with a USB microphone demonstrating a low signal-to-noise ratio

Audio 2-2 Recording made with Presonus Studio 24c

Audio 2-3 Recording with the inbuilt mics of the Zoom H5 at my home

Audio 2-4 Atmos recorded using Zoom H5 inbuilt mics

Audio 2-5 Zoom H5 and external microphone

Audio 2-6 Recording with inbuilt microphones of Zoom H5 at a construction site

Audio 2-7 Recording with Zoom H5 with external microphone at a construction site

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