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Seeing my own book in a bookshop

Today I lived out my fantasy of seeing my own book in a bookshop! Having a book out has been pretty great, but one disappointment is finding out that it's no longer really economical for a publisher to send books to a bookshop. This is due to the percentage they have to give the shop, and the postage, and the necessity of printing books and then perhaps destroying them if they don't sell. It's 2022 and publishers now print books on demand. I am certain this is better for the environment, but the downside is that unless you pen an absolute hit you probably won't see it in a bookshop. However, Avid Reader has one copy of The Podcaster's Audio Handbook left over from the book launch, and I got to go into the shop and see it on the shelf. It was a thrill I will probably tell my descendants about.

The spines of books upon a shelf
The Podcaster's Audio Handbook amongst the science books at Avid Reader

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