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NAIDOC - Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Bumpy performing at RRR. Three women singing, one man playing electric guitar.
Bumpy performing at RRR

I enjoyed assisting with stage setup on the opening day of NAIDOC 2019 at RRR. Neil Morris of RRR show ‘Still Here’ and DJ Paul Gorrie were hosting a smorgasbord of Indigenous talent. The line up featured Alice Skye, William Elm, Bumpy and Kee’ahn. The breadth of Indigenous talent showed cultural resilience and flourishing. Every artist exemplified the NAIDOC theme of ‘Voice. Treaty. Truth.’ by sharing their music. This picture is Bumpy who drew a comparison to Tiddas, but have a fresh sound all their own. I also enjoyed the creativity of William Elm and his amplified music box. It’s always exciting getting to work with an instrument I’ve never seen before.

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