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Last night we had a fundraiser for the Indigenous resistance in Peru. It was a great night of music bringing together Australian and Peruvian culture.

We planned everything to the n-th degree, but as always it was a matter of turning up and rolling with the punches. The first act was meant to be a single person singing and playing accordion, but instead we were treated to an amazing experimental duo. One performer was on synths with a vocal mic. The other was running their voice through a series of effects pedals and a looper.

I had to quickly re-label the desk, and decided that it would be easier to describe their hair styles than their setups.

A mixing desk that's been labelled with two cartoon images, depicting a head with dreadlocks and a head wearing a hat
Is it the guy with the dreads or the guy with the hat?

Ultimately I found these symbols quicker to follow than text, and ended up drawing cartoons for every vocal mic throughout the night.

As for the duo, they were absolutely brilliant: big beats and haunting vocals straight from Peru. Definitely an act to watch out for.

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