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The Cyclist's Perspective

During the weekend I made an experimental field recording. I wanted to capture the cyclist's perspective as I rode through Melbourne city.

To achieve this I attached two microphones to my bike. The first was a contact mic which was attached to the seat post and was designed to capture the sounds of the bicycle.

a close up of the seat post of a bicycle which has a contact mic taped onto it
The contact mic is underneath all that lecky tape

You can listen to that recording by itself here

The second input was the inbuilt XY microphones of a Zoom H5 portable recorder. I suspended the portable recorder in my bike basket using occy straps and covered the mics in a windjammer.

A zoom H5 portable recorder in a bag that is suspended in a bicycle's basket using occy straps. The portable recorder has a windjammer on top
Portable recorder suspended in bicycle basket

The combination of these two recordings is disjointed in an interesting way. You can listen for yourself at Freesound.

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