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Book launch

To celebrate the launch of The Podcaster's Audio Handbook I will be holding a public meeting with a discussion about how podcasting can support community organising.

Joining me will be two podcasters who have used their platform to discuss social issues - Nicole Curby and Dave Eden. Nicole Curby is an audio producer, oral historian and journalist. She and Mozhgan Moarefizadeh created a beautiful podcast series called The Wait which tells the story of refugees in Indonesia who are waiting for humanitarian visas. Dave Eden is the co-host of the Brisbane anticapitalist smash hit podcast Living The Dream. Join this conversation to share in their experiences of community organising and podcasting.

The event will be held online at 6:30pm (Brisbane time) on Monday 29th November. It's free and anyone is welcome. You can register at

Here's the flyer. Feel free to share it around

The flyer pretty much says everything above, except it's orange and yellow and has a picture of headphones and a microphone

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