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Bleeding Ears

True Defective at the Tote. 3 men on stage violently playing music. Instruments are electric bass, drums and electric guitar.
True Defective at the Tote

Mixing True Defective at the Tote with my friend Riah (drummer). They describe themselves as “Melbourne based doom/sludge band from dudes that should be old enough to know better”. The biggest challenge was figuring out which feedback was my error and which feedback was an integral part of the music. Most of it was an integral part of the music, and if there was any feedback on my end I’m sure it just added to the atmosphere.

I also had a chance to apply something I learnt at RMIT: the 60ms delay with one feedback cycle on vocals. It sounds very metal, like you’re screaming into the uncaring abyss and it’s screaming back at you, just once, 60ms later.

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