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When Our Turn Comes

Claire sitting at a drum set, smiling. The drum set is in a recording studio surrounded by multiple microphones.
Claire posing with the drums for all of our Instagram feeds

I was in at RMIT yesterday recording my friend’s band “When Our Turn Comes“. They were great to work with and we had a fun day. There are quite a few music and sound engineering nerds in the band so we enjoyed trying different things and problem solving together.

I’ve been trying out the Audix mic pack with some success. I was very impressed with the D6 on kick in the past. It captures a fat sound, but it wasn’t suitable for this particular drum because it had a lot of overtones that I wanted to capture. I used the Telefunken M82 instead. I really liked the D2 and D4 on the toms. They got a good, clean, low sound.

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