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Re-imagining audio storytelling with the Blindboy

The latest episode of the Blindboy Podcast is essential listening for podcasters. In the vein of Marshal McLuhan, Blindboy explores how technology affects the artistic process, then he looks at podcasting as a modern artistic medium. The most exciting part is when he shares his process for creating a podcast which takes full advantage of available technology. He uses this technology in a way that I had not thought of.

When creating a podcast I consider the legacy practices that I have inherited from the radio industry as both an advantage and a disadvantage. Radio is an art form that has evolved and progressed over more than a hundred years, but podcasting is not radio. I can see that when I started in radio I responded to the technology that was available, but I now use the latest technology to serve my old process. After listening to Blindboy's podcast I see the latest technology as an invitation to create something new.

The episode is number 207. I almost interviewed Cillian Murphy on this weeks Podcast and I'm very glad that Cillian Murphy canceled.

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