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Divided Attention

I've just been reading this incredibly useful PhD thesis into podcast listening habits. As an audio engineer it's good to have a thorough breakdown of the monitoring devices that people are using to listen. There's also some great stuff about people's attention. The research looks at what times people are most likely to listen and in what environments. It says that people most often listen at home for the purpose of finding out specific information, and outside of the home they're often looking for enjoyment, and to block out an unpleasant soundscape. It's worth reading so you can think about the purpose of your own podcast and how you can best reach your listeners.

a cartoon of a person rolling out dough with their smart phone next to them. the implication is that they're listening to a podcast while preparing food
The research found that most respondents were multi-tasking while listening to podcasts, with food prep being the second most common multi-tasking activity behind chores

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