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I am a professional audio engineer with a focus on radio and podcasting. I have substantial experience in radio in various roles including journalist, producer, editor, and audio engineer on live-to-airs and live events. I have worked on podcasts in various roles including editing, recording and content development.

If you need help with your podcast email at or call me on 0438 006 092.



Podcasts are an innovative way to tell a story and to reach an audience. I bring a combination of my experience in radio and my sound engineering knowledge to the field. I am happy to take on some of the work of creating a podcast or to share my expertise.



I offer a service in editing podcasts. I can create a finished podcast out of files provided, or I can work on one element such as the dialogue. I add processing to different elements to create balance and a professional finish.


Content Development

I offer a service in content development. I will listen to your podcast and provide feedback on content, presentation, storytelling and audio issues.


Alternatively, I can work with you to create a new podcast. Together we can create a plan to share your ideas through podcasting with your desired audience.



I offer a service in recording podcasts in the Melbourne area.



I can provide one-on-one training to enable you to take control of the recording and editing of your podcast. I can provide general training or troubleshoot particular issues.

Audio Repair

Using Izotope's RX 8 Advanced software I can fix recording errors, and polish recordings to a professional standard.

Get in touch

Get in contact to discuss your podcasting needs. You can email me at or call me on 0438 006 092.

Podcasts I've worked on


Let's Talk About Sects

Let's Talk About Sects is an award-winning, 100% independent monthly podcast focusing on a different cult each episode. 

I work on editing dialogue.


Keeping Mum


Keeping Mum explores the often-invisible experience of caregiving, and uncovers purpose, inspiration and belly laughs along the way.


I worked on content development, recording dialogue and audio editing. I also provided training to the podcast creator, Megan, in recording dialogue and editing using Pro Tools.


"Corey's attention to detail and care with my podcast was hugely appreciated. I've worked with a few different agencies in audio post now, and Transducer has been by far the best. If you want someone who will be as considered as you are about your work, then this is the right place for you."

- Sarah Steel, Let's Talk About Sects podcast

"It’s been a pleasure working with and learning from Corey while editing my podcast. Corey’s broadcasting experience meant she could provide valuable feedback on not just the audio quality, but the podcast’s content and script. Her encouraging and positive approach made our sessions in the recording studio (which I’d previously found really intimidating) opportunities to learn a lot and enjoy the process."


- Megan Gannon, Keeping Mum Podcast



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Phone: 0438 006 092

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