Corey Green
-Freelance audio engineer specialising in podcasting and radio

I am an audio engineer with experience in podcasting in various roles including editing, recording and content development. I have substantial experience in radio as a journalist, producer, editor, and audio engineer on live-to-airs and live events.

If you need help with your podcast email at or call me on 0438 006 092.

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Podcasts are an innovative way to tell a story and to reach an audience. I bring a combination of my experience in radio and my sound engineering knowledge to the field. I am happy to take on some of the work of creating a podcast or to share my expertise.


I offer a service in editing podcasts. I can create a finished podcast out of files provided, or I can work on one element such as the dialogue. I add processing to different elements to create balance and a professional finish.




I record podcasts in my local area.


If you live elsewhere then I can facilitate remote recordings. I provide a sound check, troubleshoot technical issues, and make sure  the whole operation runs smoothly.

Audio Repair

Using Izotope's RX 8 Advanced software I can fix recording errors, and polish recordings to a professional standard.

Content Development

I will listen to your podcast and provide feedback on content, presentation, storytelling and audio quality.

Alternatively, I can work with you to create a new podcast. Together we can create a plan to connect with your desired audience through podcasting.



I can provide one-on-one training to enable you to take control of the recording and editing of your podcast. I can provide general training or troubleshoot particular issues.

Get in touch

Get in contact to discuss your podcasting needs. You can email me at or call me on 0438 006 092.

A selection of work


Let's Talk About Sects

Let's Talk About Sects is an award-winning, 100% independent monthly podcast focusing on a different cult each episode. 

The host, Sarah, sends me interview and voice over files with a transcript. I add processing to the audio and piece the files together into a finished dialogue track. I also consult with Sarah on the recording process.

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JOY 94.9

JOY 94.9 is Australia's independent LGBTIQA+ community media organisation.

In my role as production assistant I record and edit promos, imaging and sponsorship announcements.


The Glimmer Podcast


The Glimmer Podcast is for people who have suffered pregnancy loss - miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. It aims to provide community and to share knowledge from experts in the field.


The host, Ash, sends me interview files and I select the best content, arrange it, work on the suggested voice over and create a finished show. I am always working in consultation with Ash and the producer Holly to create the best final work.

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Deep In The Fallow


Country singer Fanny Lumsden has been working on a podcast, Deep In The Fallow, which explores the songs from her album Fallow.

I have been consulting on recording, processing individual tracks, and doing some mixing.


Keeping Mum


Keeping Mum explores the often-invisible experience of caregiving, and uncovers purpose, inspiration and belly laughs along the way.


I worked on content development, recording dialogue and audio editing. I also provided training to the podcast creator, Megan, in recording dialogue and editing using Pro Tools.


4PR - Voice of the People


4PR is a podcast about class, culture and country.

Ian and I have collaborated frequently over a long time period.

Last year I listed his podcast on all of the major podcast streaming services, resulting in a boost of 1500 hits in the first week.

We also worked together on a manual for the sound reinforcement system that Leftpress Printing Society hires out to community organisations.

Most recently I facilitated remote recordings to support the Big Ride For Palestine. This included making a recording from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon that was experiencing disruptions to electricity, the phone and the internet. It was a challenge, but we managed to make a recording using the 3G network. It meant that we could broadcast a message direct from the camp, and support fundraising efforts.

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Communication Mixdown


Communication Mixdown casts a critical eye on the myriad ways in which we communicate with each other in our increasingly interconnected, multi-media platform world.

I trained John in remote recording technology so that he could continue to broadcast during the pandemic.


Triple R


Triple R is a community radio station that plays a key role in Melbourne's famous music culture.

I was involved in archiving, live-to-air broadcasts and podcasts.

The Podcaster's Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People

I'm excited to announce that my book 'The Podcaster's Audio Handbook' has been released through Apress. Click here for more details.

The Podcaster's Audio Handbook front cover


"Corey's attention to detail and care with my podcast was hugely appreciated. I've worked with a few different agencies in audio post now, and Transducer has been by far the best. If you want someone who will be as considered as you are about your work, then this is the right place for you."

- Sarah Steel, Let's Talk About Sects podcast

"It’s been a pleasure working with and learning from Corey while editing my podcast. Corey’s broadcasting experience meant she could provide valuable feedback on not just the audio quality, but the podcast’s content and script. Her encouraging and positive approach made our sessions in the recording studio (which I’d previously found really intimidating) opportunities to learn a lot and enjoy the process."


- Megan Gannon, Keeping Mum Podcast

"Corey works efficiently and intuitively. She brings expertise and guidance to our podcast. I’m so grateful for her editing and creative ideas."

- Dr Ashleigh Smith, The Glimmer Podcast

"I have known Corey Green professionally for over ten years.

We have worked together on radio in Brisbane. This includes working both in studio at 4ZZZ and capturing audio outside for broadcasts later.

Corey is a technically sound and well organised audio engineer with good attention to detail.

Recently, I commissioned Corey to set up 4PR – Voice of the People on all major podcasting platforms including SoundCloud iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocketcasts Anchor and TuneIn.

Thanks to Corey’s excellent work as of April 2021, 4PR podcasts over 1,500 original radio shows and interviews on all these platforms."

- Ian Curr 
4PR, Voice of the People 
30 July 2021

"When the coronavirus pandemic hit hard in Australia in March of 2020 Melbourne's community radio station 3CR required all of its broadcasters to produce and deliver their programs remotely. I needed some technical advice and instruction, and fast. Corey Green is who I turned to. She was knowledgeable, tech savvy and most importantly patient in showing me all the ins and outs of remote broadcasting - all done over Zoom as well. If you're looking for someone to guide you through or help produce your podcast, or get you on the road with radio and other audio related skills, you can't do better than Corey Green."

- John Langer, Communication Mixdown



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