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Community Podcasting Workshops

Podcasting is a powerful medium that can be used to share a story, start a discussion and build community. If you're looking to raise awareness of an issue, start an oral history project or amplify voices within your community then join us to learn the practical skills of podcasting.

In this ten-part course we will explore both the creative and technical aspects of podcasting. You're welcome to attend every session or choose which are most useful to you. Come with your preexisting podcasting projects or use this as the motivation to bring your ideas to life. Participants of any skill level are welcome.

About the facilitator: Corey Marie Green is a podcast producer, audio engineer and the author of The Podcaster's Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People. They have substantial involvement in independent media and radical communities. They have travelled Australia covering environmental issues for community radio, acted as audio engineer for numerous fundraisers, and are heavily involved in improving working conditions in the podcasting industry. Corey is driven by a passion for telling stories, building community and making audio accessible.


Corey interviews David Holmgren, father of permaculture

Topics include:

  • planning a podcast

  • interview techniques

  • introduction to media law

  • research

  • recording in a studio, at home, in the field and online

  • structuring a story for the podcasting medium

  • editing


Click here for a full course overview

This course will be re-scheduled because the original time and place was too inconvenient. The course will now be delivered online where possible. Please get in contact with Corey at if you'd be interested in attending the online course.

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